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Palace Hotel Cipanas, 4 Star Hotels in Puncak Cipanas Indonesia located in the beautiful Puncak Hills and within 3-minute walk to Presidential Palace, the hotel can be reached in only less than 2 hours drive from Jakarta and 1.5 hours drive from Bandung.

The hotel offers unparalleled views of Mount Gede, Mount Pangrango and Kasur Valley with heartwarming service and a wide array of modern facilities. Palace Hotel Cipanas will give an unforgettable experience through convenience, simplicity, and a personalized touch. The service and cozy atmosphere will make you feel as a special one.

Adopting the green building concept to maximize the air circulation and allowing the sun shine freely though to make you feel like being in nature.


AGPeduli selalu sigap dan tanggap untuk mewujudkan Indonesia yang sehat. Peduli kepada sesama dengan melakukan 5M agar kita semua selalu terlindungi, bersama AGPeduli, kita pulihkan Indonesia.

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Artha Graha Peduli - Ada Peduli, Ada Harapan
Artha Graha Peduli - Perjalanan Menuju Kebebasan

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